Internet Society’s Global Internet Report Maps updated to show Internet resources (IPv4 allocations, ccTLD usage) and DNSSEC deployment, and Wikipedia edits across countries


The Internet Society has posted an updated, interactive map showing not just Internet penetration but also to show state of Internet resources such as IPv4 allocations, ccTLD usage, state of DNSSEC deployment across countries. Also tracked are the number of Wikipedia edits across countries.

View the maps at

How does Trinidad and Tobago fare? The stats from 2013 and 2014 shows that
Trinidad and Tobago is:

  • 53rd out of 180 countries in Global Internet Penetration with 63.8%
  • 58th out of 128 countries in Fixed Broadband population penetration with 14.6%
  • 85th out of 132 countries in Mobile Broadband penetration with 18.9%
  • 21st out of 151 countries with 0.93% of average GDP per capita required for fixed broadband access
  • 53rd out of 129 countries with 2.12% of average GDP per capita required for mobile broadband access
  • 61st out of 144 countries in terms of average download speeds for fixed internet access with 11.84 Mbits/s download and 4.05 Mbits/s upload.
  • 93rd out of 147 countries in terms of average download speeds for mobile Internet access with 1.39 Mbits/s download and 0.32 Mbits/s upload.
  • 35th out of 56 countries with 75% of population covered by at least a 3G mobile network
  • 149th out of 211 countries in number of ccTLD (.tt) registrations with 2,873 .tt registrations
  • 105th out of 210 countries in terms of allocation of IPv4 address with 520,448 IPv4 addresses
  • operational status with DNSSEC deployment for its .tt ccTLD
  • Rated 2 “Significant Risk” on a scale from 1 to 4 (1 being “severe risk” and 4 being “resistant”) on the risk of Internet Disruption based on International Links
  • 55th out of 124 countries with 303 Monthly Wikipedia page edits.