AMD to debut GPUs at Computex 2015 in June called “Trinidad”, “Tobago”, “Antigua” and “Grenada”

ATI Radeon video card (Source : Wikimedia Commons)


According to VR-Zone, AMD (Advanced Micro Devices ), maker or CPUs (Athlon, Sempron, AMD FX and A series processors) and GPUs (those found in Radeon graphic cards) will be launching new GPUs at Computex in June 2015 named after various Caribbean islands: Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Grenada :

The new GPUs expected to be announced by AMD at Computex will be Fiji, Grenada, Antigua, Trinidad, and Tobago. Fiji is expected to be the new flagship GPU, a direct successor to the Hawaii GPU used on the Radeon 290 series cards. Hawaii itself will continue as Grenada, a simple case of rebranding. Similarly, Antigua GPU will simply be rebranded Tonga.

As far as Trinidad and Tobago are concerned, things aren’t quite as clear but it does look like Tobago will be a new GPU while Trinidad will be similar to or simply a rebranded Pitcairn GPU.

WCCFtech also speculates on the GPUs :

We already know about AMD’s Fiji GPU. It is the die that we are sure will be the most interesting of the lineup. If word on the mill is to be believed than the Fiji XT GPU is actually 20% more powerful than the GTX 980 although that would simultaneously make it less powerful than the TITAN-X (caution: educated speculation). The water cooled edition might be worth some surprises though.

Following Fiji, we have Grenada, which is the more efficient revision of Hawaii GPU and will probably feature the supporting lineup to Fiji. However, there is a problem here. There are way too many GPU cores to actually end up in the space from high middle end to high end. Simply put, there are too many cores for all of them to actually make the final lineup. The usual grain of salt with leaks applies but VR Zone is a reliable source and I cannot actually figure out what is going on here.

Lastly we have the Trinidad core, which is probably a rebrand of the Pitcairn core if the last leak was correct, followed by the Antigua Core ( a rebrand of Tonga). The last and slightly more interesting entry is the Tobago core which will probably be featured in the R7 360 GPU.

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