ICT related aspects of the 2016 #Trinidad and #Tobago Budget Statement

Cover image of Trinidad and Tobago Budget Statement 2016 (via Ministry of Finance website)

The Minister of Finance, Honourable Colm Imbert presented the 2016 Budget Statement in the Trinidad and Tobago Parliament on October 10 2015.

The 2016 Budget Statement and related documents can be downloaded at http://finance.gov.tt/budget-statement-2016-presentation/

This post will focus on the ICT related aspects of the 2016 Budget Statement.

The ICT related aspects of the 2016 Budget Statement :

Page 18 under “Information and Communication Technology”

“Madam Speaker, a first-world information technology network will need to be a critical part of the Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre. We will commence the process through the implementation of a national broadband network which will represent a central pillar for driving economic and social development. We cannot improve our productive capacity and create a vibrant and competitive economy without a nationwide high-speed broadband network –  the centerpiece for creating a knowledge-based andinnovative society. This country has in place a fibre optic broadband network; but we are suffering from
inadequate broadband service coverage in many areas which remain unserved and underserved.

We will continue to collaborate with the World Bank Group to widen our broadband infrastructure as well as to eliminate the risk of having international connection in only one station.

All schools will now be equipped with a technological capability with adequate training for our teachers.

We will ensure that all students have free and easy access in all schools to fast broadband internet and not just laptops. This early use of technology will
underpin an expanding knowledge-based society.

The Government will foster usage by providing a free national public broadband wireless network beginning with free hotspots in popular areas.”

Page 37 under Home and Business Security

Madam Speaker, we believe that every citizen and every business should be encouraged to take an active part in enhancing their own security.
Unfortunately, the existing incentives for CCTV and alarm systems have proven to be highly ineffective with many technical loopholes. I propose to revise
immediately the existing technical specifications for these systems to make them practical and workable, so that we can implement an appropriate suite of
incentives and concessions to encourage actively citizens to install suitable CCTV and alarm systems in their homes and businesses in 2016.