Google Maps can show traffic conditions when getting driving directions in Trinidad & Tobago

Google Maps can show the traffic conditions when using Google Maps to find directions in Trinidad and Tobago. When you search for directions between two (or more) locations, Google will show several colour coded routes.


To see the traffic conditions, click on the blue “DETAILS” for one of the routes, this will bring up a toolbar at the bottom of the map with the words “Live Traffic” which is a dropdown and a colour code gradient of traffic conditions from fast to slow and a greyed out toggle indicating that the live traffic is turned off.


Turning on the toggle changes the colour to blue and turns on the traffic conditions for various streets. You can also switch the map to show typical traffic patterns by clicking on “Live Traffic” and selecting “Typical Traffic”



The toolbar changes to allow you to show the traffic conditions at various days from Sunday to Saturday and at varying times.