Number Portability in Trinidad and Tobago to begin October 31 2016 for Mobile Numbers and November 28 2016 for Fixed Numbers


The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has noted in a press release dated October 6 2016 that

  • Mobile Number Portability (the ability to change mobile service providers without changing your phone number) will launch on October 31 2016 and
  • Fixed Line Number Portability (the ability to change fixed line providers without changing your phone number) will launch on November 28 2016.

Number portability was delayed before, the last delay announced by TATT on July 1 2016. However TATT’s determination 2016/01 dated October 4 2016 which notes the “go-live” dates also says:

“The Authority hereby declares that it shall cease forthwith to exercise forbearance on non-compliance by Operators who are subject to this DETERMINATION.”…. This Determination is binding upon all Operators so required by the Authority to implement number portability pursuant to section 25(2)(j) of the Act AND SHALL NOT BE AMENDED, REPEALED OR RESCINDED………..Non-compliance with this Determination 2016/01 will result in the Authority’s commencement of enforcement proceedings against the Operator in accordance with the Telecommunications Act”

TATT’s Number Portability page at has yet to be updated.