Trinidad and Tobago’s Draft National ICT Plan 2017 – 2021 (fastforward II) posted for comment

The Ministry of Public Administration and Communications Trinidad and Tobago has drafted the National Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategic Plan 2017-2021, which has been dubbed fastforward II

You can view/download the 73 page document from MPAC’s website or direct download the Draft NICT Plan 2017-2021 (PDF ; 2MB) from TTCS’s website.

The TTCS is building a Google document similar as was done for the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society comments on the Trinidad and Tobago Cybercrime Bill.

One can submit comments on the draft National ICT plan 2017-2021 via an online form on MPAC’s website.

From the executive summary of Fastforward II :

“fastforward II is Trinidad and Tobago’s five-year National Information Communications Technology (NICT) Plan for 2017 to 2021. The result of co-creation, fastforward II is driven by the needs and priorities of the Government, business, and the people of Trinidad and Tobago—as well as the country’s regional and international obligations. The Plan outlines the NICT Agenda, it builds on our past performance in ICT, and it declares a bold vision to see: empowered people, competitive businesses, and transformational government, through ICT…..

…….The Vision of fastforward II is ultimately to support the National Development Strategy 2016–2030, Vision 2030, which outlines the country’s aspiration to attain “first world nation status” by 2030. Whilst supporting Vision 2030, fastforward II is also expected to meet the country’s anticipated social and economic needs. Converging these needs with the potential of ICT, five Strategic Thrusts are proposed to realise the National ICT Vision. They are:

  1. Improving Connectivity
  2. Increasing Human Capacity
  3. Enhancing Public Service Delivery
  4. Fostering Economic Development
  5. Advancing Environmental and Societal Benefit”