Update on the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society refurbishing of computers

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) has had several calls over the past 2 months discussing how to refurbish computers.
Among the things done so far:

  • documented procedure for refurbishing computers as we want the refurbished computers by TTCS volunteers to be done to a particular standard
  • developed a inventory system workflow for tracking donors, donated equipment and the refurbished computers
  • collaborating with RSC, a network of secondary school computer/IT clubs which has 10 year old 50 Dell Optiplexes – some Pentium D but many Core2 Duos with 4GB RAM – to date we’ve collected 15 computers and working on those.
  • put out a public call for donations of computer equipment https://www.ttcs.tt/donate-computer-equipment-for-refurbishing/ and one company has donated 9 computers and other miscellaneous equipment.
  • Several TTCS members have purchase SSDs for these machines
  • reactivated the TTCS Slack (a group chat solution) room where a lot of the messaging regarding computer refurbishment is taking place.

However, there are very few volunteers doing the actual refurbishing. So, please