WinTabber – group Windows applications in tabs under one window

In Windows, I often have multiple Explorer windows open as I cut/copy and paste files between multiple locations. Time is wasted Alt-Tabbing to switch to the Windows Explorer session I need and the desktop becomes cluttered. Often I wished that I could group the Windows Explorer sessions in tabs like Mozilla Firefox does for webpages. There are several freeware multi-tab Window Explorer replacements but I never felt comfortable using those as I preferred the familiar interface of Windows Explorer.

WinTabber to the rescue! WinTabber is a tabmanager that can add tab support to almost any window under windows 2000/XP. Meaning you can group several Windows Applications under one window, with each application in its own tab.

Here’s a screenshot showing three Windows Explorer sessions in one window :

Wintabber in use showing three Window Explorer sessions in one window, each in its own tab.

You can run multiple instances of WinTabber to create different groups of applications under one window. For example, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird :

Wintabber in use showing two applications Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, each in its own tab.

WinTabber is freeware, although donations are welcome. A very useful application.

WinTabber home page :

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