Redelegation of ccTLD for .BB ( Barbados) to Barbados Government

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Redelegation of ccTLD for .BB ( Barbados)

Kim Davies advised by way of background for new Board members that the board is regularly asked to approve redelegations of ccTLDs and in more recent times there has been at least one per Board meeting for consideration. IANA Staff prepares a report that provides a recommendation to the Board. The report is considered confidential but
on approval by the Board a version of the report is made public on the website. Some portions of the analysis of the request for redelegation are not made public.

The redelegation application for .BB ( Barbados) meets all of the necessary criteria. The current operator supports the transfer as does the Government, who is the proposed operator. There is limited support from the local Internet community; however, Staff have visited Barbados and discussed matters locally. Staff also met with the proposed operators at ICANN’s San Juan meeting. Currently the nameservers do not meet the technical test; however, these will be made more robust, and Staff recommends the redelegation be approved.

IANA will review nameservers performance to ensure compliance if the Board approves the request.

Steve Goldstein moved, and Demi Getschko seconded the following resolution:

Whereas, the .BB top-level domain is the designated country-code for Barbados.

Whereas, ICANN has received a request for redelegation of .BB to the Government of Barbados Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development’s Telecommunications Unit.

Whereas, ICANN has reviewed the request, and has determined that the proposed redelegation would be in the best interest of the local and global Internet communities.

It is hereby resolved (___), that the proposed redelegation of the .BB domain to the Government of Barbados Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development’s Telecommunications Unit is approved.

A voice vote was taken of all Board Members present and all Board Members present approved the motion unanimously by a vote of 13 to 0.