Business Software Alliance Trinidad ads

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) recently began an ad campaign in the local Trinidad and Tobago newspapers. The text from the two ads are below :

Do not put your business at risk by using PIRATED SOFTWARE

Would you trust the information technology security and and quality provided by pirated software?

Pirated software is not secure. Apart from technical mishaps, it can allow viruses and malware to infiltrate, which could damage your PC or even your business’ entire network

Do you know that using pirated software reduces your employees’ productivity and efficiency?

Your employees will spend time and effort in solving technical problems deriving from the use of pirated software, which will impact their productivity and efficiency; increasing your costs and decreasing your profitability

Do you know the legal risks you and the company you represent face by installing pirated software?

Pursuant to the law (In Trinidad and Tobago unauthorized copying of software is considered a violation of the law that could lead to civil and criminal penalties of up to $100,000.00 [T.T] for each computer program copied and imprisonment for up to 10 years), if a company uses software unlawfully, it may be liable for violating copyrights. This is so, even when management is not aware of the unlawful use at their facilities.

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The second ad :

Do not put your business at risk by using PIRATED SOFTWARE

Effective 10th May to 30th June 2008, companies interested in participating in the campaign “Don’t put your business at risk by using pirated software” should, together with the BSA, coordinate their efforts in order to review and if necessary regularize the software
installed on their equipment.

In order to participate, these are the required steps :

  1. Register with the campaign, by sending the registration form by fax or E-mail (the form may be obtained upon request from the BSA).
  2. Develop an inventory of all programs installed on your computers and of the licenses you have, then send this information to the BSA. A compliance analyst will check it and provide feedback on the differences found, as well as assist you in normalizing your situation if necessary.

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