Interim Report by ICANN’s Geographic Regions WG and comments submitted by #ICANN At-Large including Caribbean ALSes

ICANN's Geographic Regions Review Working Group published a Interim Report in December 2010 for public comment at  (PDF ; 37 page)

This Interim Report is the second of three planned reports by the Geographic Regions WG addresses three specific areas. It offers:

(1) a review of the underlying history, objectives and general principles of ICANN’s Geographic Regions Framework;
(2) it raises a number of fundamental strategic questions for further community consideration; and 
(3) it expands on a number of specific matters identified in the Initial Report that are likely to be addressed in the Final Report.

Cintra Sooknanan drafted a statement on behalf of the Caribbean ALSes and was accepted by the Caribbean ALSes with minor modifications on Friday January 28 2011. The statement by Caribbean ALSes was included in the At Large Advisory Committee's (ALAC) 9 page statement from Pages 6-9 at (PDF ; 156K)