updated #Trinidad #Tobago Computer Society byelaws for comment until May 23 2011

Dear current and potential Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) members,

In an effort to allow the TTCS to take advantage of the opportunities being presented to us more often now,
the Directors of the TTCS have undertaken an exercise to update the TTCS bye-laws. We had the bare minimum before, but in order to get more involved in some of the areas that you, the membership, are suggesting, we need to be more structured.

This process is not meant to change the essential character of the TTCS, but rather to make sure that we can move forward with projects that have been suggested.
The updated bye-laws can be found at
The main additions and changes to the previous byelaws are:

  • Official definition of membership (and the ability to charge fees, if the executive committee decides to do so)
  • An official Executive Committee – to be nominated and voted into positions by the Membership (we need this in order to have an official Chairman etc to be able to apply for grant funding and to take advantage of other opportunities as they are presented)
  • Official Terms of Office
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Standing Committees

Looking forward to your comments and suggestions over the next two weeks. We will close comment on May 23 2011 and have our first official meeting on May 28 2011, at which these byelaws will be adopted, and the first TTCS Executive will be voted into office.
We hope that you approve of the steps we are taking to move the TTCS to the next level.

Kind Regards,
The Directors of the TTCS,
Anil Ramnanan,
Cintra Sooknanan
Dev Anand Teelucksingh