Telecoms Authority of #Trinidad & #Tobago publishes “Consumer rights and obligations consultation” Policy for comment until July 29 2011

The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT) has published a "Consumer Rights and Obligations Policy" document for public comment from May 25 2011 until July 29 2011. 

The Consumer Rights and Obligations Policy document makes recommendations to protect the interests of persons who subscribe to, or use telecommunications or broadcasting services such as 
Fixed Telephone, Mobile Telephone, Internet Services, International Telecommunications and Subscription television (ie cable or satellite).

From the Policy Objectives of the Consumer Rights and Obligations Policy document:

This Draft Consumer Rights and Obligations Policy makes recommendations to safeguard the interests of citizens in relation to the  telecommunications and broadcasting sectors.  The
Authority has involved a broad cross-section of interested parties in developing a policy that would guide the preparation of regulations, enshrining in law specific rights in the following

  1. Essential telecommunication services and broadcast services.
  2. Information needed to make informed decisions.
  3. Respect and protection of personal privacy.
  4. Highest possible standard of consumer-related service.
  5. Protection from unfair business practices.
  6. Effective and efficient complaint recognition, handling, and resolution.

The related regulations resulting from the final version of this Policy shall apply to concessionaires (authorised service providers) in the telecommunications and broadcasting sector.
In order to facilitate a market environment where consumer rights are defended while balanced with the needs of service providers, this Draft Policy is based on the following principles:

  • Consumer Empowerment – the concept of the consumer as a proactive, wellinformed agent who makes rational decisions – i.e. decisions which are in his own and by entension, the society‟s best interests.
  • Service Provider Responsibility – the notion of conscientious service by a company that  recognises  the value of upholding consumer rights.
  • Information Symmetry – ensuring that everyone who uses telecommunications and broadcast services have the information they need to make good choices.
  • Public Welfare – maximising the socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders in the sector, while respecting consumers‟ privacy.
  • Market Efficiency – creating regulations which facilitate all stakeholders in adapting to changing market conditions.

TATT will be holding two public consultations on this issue: 
  • on Wednesday May 25 2011 at TATT’s office #5 Eighth Avenue Extension, off Twelfth Street Barataria from 3-6pm
  • on Wednesday June 8 2011 at the Arima Town Hall, Hollis Avenue Arima. from 3-6pm

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