Flow (Columbus Communications) announces Internet speed upgrades for its customers in Trinidad and Tobago

According to the Sunday Guardian November 10 2013 article,  Columbus Communications, operators of Flow Trinidad and Tobago (Flow) will be upgrading its residential and business Internet customers  with faster downloads and newer pricing for some of its Internet packages.

A summary of the changes:

  • 5 Mbps upgrade at no additional cost to its Turbo 5, Turbo 15 and Turbo 25 packages. (One expects the packages to be renamed to Turbo 10, Turbo 20 and Turbo 30 respectively)
  • Flow customers who currently subscribe to Turbo 50 and Turbo 100 packages will see a reduction in the monthly cost by $100 TT and $150 TT respectively

If you have the Arris Touchstone Telephony modem TM502G, you will be contacted by Flow to schedule an appointment with their technicians to replace this modem.

Arris Telephony Modem Model TM502G
Arris Telephony Modem Model TM502G

The modem being installed by Flow to replace the TM502G is the Arris Touchtone Telephony modem Model TM822.

Arris Telephony Modem TM822
Arris Telephony Modem TM822

The pricing of Flow Residential Internet Services for November 2013 :

[table]Package,Download / Upload Speed,Monthly Rate in TT dollars (VAT included)
Turbo 5 (soon to be Turbo 10?),10Mbps (download) /1Mbps (upload),$199.99
Turbo 15 (soon to be Turbo 20?),20Mbps (download) / 2Mbps (upload),$299.99
Turbo 25 (soon to be Turbo 30?),30Mbps (download) / 2Mbps (upload),$399.99
Turbo 50,50Mbps (download) / 2Mbps (upload),$499.99 (was $599.99)
Turbo 100,100Mbps (download) / 2Mbps (upload),$649.99 (was $799.99)[/table]