#ICANN66 public meeting from 2-7 November 2019 ; how you can participate in the discussions

ICANN Meeting Mobile Ap (source : ICANN)

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)  will be having its 66th public meeting from Saturday 2nd November 2019 to Thursday November 7 2019 in Montréal, Canada. However, you can listen in and participate remotely.



What does ICANN do?

As the name implies, ICANN helps coordinate the assignment and management of Internet numbering resources (such as IP addresses) and domain names (forming a system called the Domain Name System or DNS). The DNS maps domain names to IP addresses.

ICANN also defines and implements policies for how the “Names and Numbers” of the Internet are assigned. ICANN coordinates policy development related to the DNS by bringing a variety of stakeholders (ranging from governments, technical, business, civil society) organised in various groups to develop and advise on such DNS policies. This volunteer-based group of diverse stakeholders is called the ICANN multi-stakeholder community.

The Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) is an member of the ICANN At-Large Community since 2006, which represents the interests of Internet end users in ICANN policies and activities. Currently, as the TTCS’ At-Large representative (Dev Anand Teelucksingh), I have continued to be involved in various At-Large activities. I do want to encourage anyone with a interest and a desire to learn more about ICANN policy issues and how to get involved, email me at [email protected] and I’ll try my best to help.

Important links to learn and follow #ICANN66

ICANN66 Full Meeting Schedule

ICANN66 Full Meeting Schedule – this table (you will have to scroll down a lot) shows the various meetings happening in various rooms at the same time. All times listed are local to Montréal , Canada.

The time in Montréal, Canada will be the same as the time in Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday November 2 2019 but 1 hour LATER from Sunday November 3 2019 onwards due to daylight savings time. So when looking at the ICANN66 schedule from Sunday onwards, you will need to add 1 hour to get the time of the meeting in Trinidad and Tobago.

Download the ICANN Meetings App

screenshot of ICANN66 Meetings App

If you visit the schedule on your iOS or Android device, you can install the ICANN Meeting App to follow the ICANN meeting schedule on your mobile / tablet device and to personalize the schedule of sessions you are interested in. Search for “ICANN Meeting” in your app stores.

At-Large Meeting Agenda Workspace

At-Large Meeting Agenda Workspace – lists the very busy schedule and detailed agendas of the meetings of the At-Large Community. This meeting features the attendance of 43 representatives from At-Large outside of the 25 ALAC and Regional Leaders

Pre-ICANN66 Policy Report

Pre-ICANN66 Policy Report (PDF) – This report provides a high-level overview of the planned work and activities of the ICANN Multistakeholder Community (including At-Large) at ICANN66.

How to listen and participate online in #ICANN66 meeting

When you select a meeting on the ICANN66 Full Meeting Schedule , you will see something like this :

ICANN66 Meeting Page

You will see on the left under PARTICIPATION LINKS are several grey buttons :

  • Virtual Meeting Room – this is a link to the Zoom web conferencing tool ICANN uses for its online conference calls and F2F public meetings. Zoom allows participants (either face to face or remotely) to instant message each other, review the meeting agenda and documents, follow presentations and raise their hands in order to make comments. Download the Zoom client for your OS or install the mobile app
  • English Audio, French Audio, Spanish Audio – the audio of the meeting – the presence of multiple languages is done by interpreters in the room allowing different language participants to understand each other (and to be understood by other participants).

    Note that not all meetings will have so many different language options, but all would have at least the English audio stream and the Zoom “room”