Trinidad and Tobago Banks rolls out local Linx Visa Debit cards ; offers contactless transactions and online payments to local merchants

Several local banks in Trinidad and Tobago – First Citizens Trinidad and Tobago, RBC Royal Bank, Republic Bank and Scotiabank – are rolling out local Visa Debit cards which offer contactless transactions and local online purchases while still offering the ability to be used at ATMs with the LINX logo and LINX purchases as before.

Contactless transactions means that you don’t have to enter a PIN at a merchant’s terminal – you bring the card close to the terminal and it gets approved. Different banks offer different limits on the amount of money that could be done via a contactless transaction.

The newer cards also offers for online payments to local merchants which could be a boon for local e-commerce as more persons with banking accounts can now purchase items and services from local merchants’ websites (or apps).

Also of note is that most banks will offer card holders either notifications and/or will being able to review transaction details via their banking mobile apps and their online banking websites.

Check out the various bank websites for more details :